Corporate Offices

Corporate offices usually have a lot of staff doing important work and often do it all on one main copier. Executives sometimes get their own smaller machine in their office. New Era adapt to what each office and make it really easy for all users to walk up to a machine and know how to use it. In addition, document security can be really important in some corporate offices and New Era provide tailored solutions to fit.

Common Probelms

  • The biggest problem corporate offices face now is moving to Microsoft Azure instead of a local server that can act as a print server
  • Remote sites, so need to be able to send prints remotely

Common Solutions

  • We use PaperCut or PrinterLogic to control the print queues and ensure the best experience for the end user
  • Ensuring the printer has all in one capability based on needs, especially finisher units for booklets etc.
  • Cloud based scanning for sharing documents

Corporate Office Printer Recommendations

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