IT Industry

It professionals and service providers have a high level of expectation on connectivity and tech integration. At New Era we understand this as a primary driver, we take out the headache of understanding the technical capabilities of models and timely response rates from print providers by integrating remote support for superior uptime and connectivity.

Common Problems

  • Sick of working with printers that do not automated toner delivery/response
  • We work on printers so you don’t have to, endless headaches of all the models

Common Solutions

  • Expert that knows how printers work and how the printers work. Use IT technicians trained on using printers, not the other way around. Handle anything printer related regardless of whether it is an IT issue or a hardware issue.
  • Scanning directly to sharepoint.
  • Models: Develop copiers can all be connected to servers with LDAP connections etc.
  • Advanced setups to adapt to the new azure style office environment

IT Industry Printers Recommendations

Let’s sort your printing needs

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